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Spine, General Orthopedics, and Sports Medicine located in Redwood City and Santa Clara, CA

SOAR Spine and Orthopedics

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SOAR Spine and Orthopedics has consistently redefined orthopedic practice and sports medicine for decades in Santa Clara and Redwood City, California. Their specialists emphasize the community first to take care of their patients and provide highly specialized musculoskeletal treatments.

Research published by Jeffrey A. Saal, MD, and Joel S. Saal, MD, has perfected the stabilization training technique to treat arthritis, spinal stenosis, and many more spinal disorders. The SOAR Spine and Orthopedics experts also use a multidisciplinary approach that brings together traditional methods with supportive therapies like acupuncture.

The specialists use effective therapeutic techniques to ease back, shoulder, and neck pain.

SOAR Spine and Orthopedics incorporate many chronic pain management methods, like regenerative medicine and exercise instruction, to address health concerns. They can also significantly improve quality of life by providing lumbar epidural injections or cervical facet injections.

The team uses ultrasound and electrodiagnostic imaging to accurately monitor patients’ health and detect abnormalities. This is especially helpful in treating many sports-related injuries. The specialists’ expert knowledge allows them to effectively rehabilitate running injuries, ski injuries, and golf injuries.

By calling today to schedule an appointment, you can learn more about the many comprehensive procedures available at SOAR Spine and Orthopedics. You can also set up your visit using the online booking tool.