Golf Rehabilitation

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Golf Rehabilitation

Golf Rehabilitation services offered in Redwood City and Santa Clara, CA

If you suffer a golf injury and want to get back out on the course as quickly as possible, see the experts at SOAR Spine and Orthopedics in Santa Clara and Redwood City, California. The outstanding general orthopedics and sports medicine specialists offer golf rehabilitation to reduce pain and speed healing. Call the office today to schedule an evaluation, or use the online booking tool.

What is golf rehabilitation?

Golf rehabilitation at SOAR Spine and Orthopedics uses individualized exercise instruction, physical therapy, and additional holistic methods to help you heal from a golf injury, reduce pain, and lessen the risk of re-injury.

The highly trained SOAR Spine and Orthopedics team has many years of experience treating golfer’s elbow and other sports injuries.

What are the benefits of golf rehabilitation?

The benefits of golf rehabilitation at SOAR Spine and Orthopedics include:

  • Less pain
  • Faster healing
  • Improved strength
  • Better flexibility
  • Reduced risk of further injuries
  • Improved ability to play golf
  • Better quality of life

If you’re a golfer, golf rehabilitation is the fastest way to heal from an injury and get back out on the course as quickly as possible. It helps you strengthen muscle groups you’re likely to use when playing golf.

Is golf rehabilitation right for me?

Your specialist reviews your medical history and symptoms to determine which golf rehabilitation program is best for you. They complete a physical exam and often order bloodwork, nerve testing, and/or imaging procedures.

The SOAR Spine and Orthopedics team then tailors a golf rehabilitation treatment to your needs, lifestyle, treatment preferences, and desired results.

What should I expect during golf rehabilitation?

During golf rehabilitation at SOAR Spine and Orthopedics, your provider offers individualized exercise instruction, strength exercises, balance exercises, physical therapy, yoga, Pilates, the Feldenkrais Method, tai chi, and much more. The practice also provides injections, regenerative medicine, corticosteroid injections, massage, and other holistic solutions.

Your provider might ask you to try ice or heat packs and wear a brace at home while you recover from a golf injury.

You might begin by resting the affected joint or other tissues and working your way up to more intense or longer-lasting injury-specific exercises and stretches. It’s important to follow your golf rehabilitation program precisely as instructed at home and attend in-office sessions as needed. Your rehabilitation specialist answers any questions or concerns you might have.

How long will my recovery take?

Every patient is different, but you can expect to feel better soon after you begin treatment, with continued improvements appearing over the next few weeks and months. Your SOAR Spine and Orthopedics specialist follows up with you to make sure you’re healing properly.

Call the office today or use the online booking tool to take advantage of golf rehabilitation at SOAR Spine and Orthopedics.