Lumbar Epidural Injection

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Lumbar Epidural Injection

Lumbar Epidural Injection services offered in Redwood City and Santa Clara, CA

Lower back pain can leave you feeling debilitated. But the SOAR Spine and Orthopedics specialists offer lumbar epidural injections to ease your pain. Lower back pain management has never been easier at the offices of Santa Clara and Redwood City, California. Call the office today to schedule an appointment, or reserve a timeslot through the online booking tool.

What is a lumbar epidural injection?

A lumbar epidural injection, often called an epidural, is a precise, X-Ray guided injection of a corticosteroid medication into the epidural space. Your provider targets the specific spinal nerve that is determined to be the cause of your pain. A corticosteroid reduces inflammation by blocking the enzymes that often cause pain. 

When would I need a lumbar epidural injection?

Nerve pain which emanates from your lower back is often called sciatica. This pain can significantly reduce your quality of life and interfere with daily activities. Many people experiencing severe back pain due to an unresolved condition or injury greatly benefit from an epidural. This can help them make progress with an exercise-based rehabilitation program.

Doctors may recommend an epidural injection as a treatment for nerve pain. Nerve pain that results from: 

  • Bone spurs
  • Herniated disks
  • Arthritis
  • Thickened spinal ligaments (spinal stenosis)
  • Joint Cysts
  • Slipped vertebrae

While beneficial, it is important to be aware of certain side effects of lumbar epidural injection. Corticosteroid therapy can cause insomnia and anxiety, though these issues are rare with an injection of cortisone. Injection patients can experience water retention and changes to their menstrual cycles.

What are the benefits of a lumbar epidural injection?

The benefits of lumbar epidural injections include a dramatic reduction in nerve pain. This reduction is due to the direct inhibition of inflammatory enzymes by the cortisone medication. The reduction in pain can be life changing, permitting the patient to participate in the exercise rehabilitation program required to treat their spinal condition long term, and prevent recurrences.

Is a lumbar epidural injection painful?

The procedure will be performed under sterile conditions at the Peninsula Procedure Center, utilizing X-ray guidance. Conscious sedation by IV administration is an option for patients, and should be discussed with your physician. SOAR Spine and Orthopedics experts apply a local anesthetic before injecting an epidural into the skin. The discomfort that results is usually mild.

How can I prepare for a lumbar epidural injection?

When scheduling the procedure, detailed instructions will be given to you by the scheduling coordinator. If for some reason you do not receive this, or if you misplace the directions, please call the office to resend to you.

Make sure to follow all instructions to the best of your ability. Contact the medical office if you’re unsure about directions.

Call the Santa Clara or Redwood City, California, office today or book through the online portal to learn how lumbar epidural injections can improve your quality of life.