Ski Injury Rehabilitation

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Ski Injury Rehabilitation

Ski Injury Rehabilitation services offered in Redwood City and Santa Clara, CA

When planning your favorite ski trip, one might not consider the possibility of an injury. SOAR Spine and Orthopedics plans ahead and offers ski injury rehabilitation when an accident happens. SOAR makes finding treatments easy with two offices in Santa Clara and Redwood City, California. Call now to schedule an appointment or book with the online reservation tool today.

What is ski injury rehabilitation?

Skiing is a high-impact activity that can result in injury. Ski injury rehabilitation treats common ski-related injuries and helps you prevent them. These injuries can comprise sprains, fractures, andhead trauma. More specifically, you can expect the following ski injuries:

Knee damage

Most ski injuries affect the knee, damaging essential tendons and ligaments that support and provide leg function. This is because skiing strains the knees and makes them more prone to injury. These injuries also wear on important cartilage in knee joints, causing pain.

Shoulder injuries

Shoulder damage results in shoulder pain requiring comprehensive treatment. Shoulder injuries commonly happen during a ski wipeout, where you use your arms and hands to catch your fall. This can tear ligaments and dislocate the shoulder if the impact is powerful enough.

Wrist and hand damage

Trying to catch yourself during a fall or using a lot of pressure on ski poles can cause injuries. Smaller muscles and tendons inside the hand might be unable to keep up with skiing’s demands. A condition called skier’s thumb can dislocate the thumb.

Why do I need ski injury rehabilitation?

An untreated injury creates pain and can cause permanent damage. A ski injury can be caused by the following

  • Poor fitness
  • Lack of ski knowledge
  • Poor-fitting equipment
  • Accidents and collisions
  • Ignoring safety rules on slopes

You should immediately contact the SOAR Spine and Orthopedics specialists if you experience an injury and pain related to a skiing accident. Their range of specialties and integrative approach ensures a swift recovery and minimal downtime.

How can I prevent an injury with ski injury rehabilitation?

The SOAR Spine and Orthopedics experts use effective therapies to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility and range of motion. This helps reduce your risks of further injuries.

Additional steps to reduce your chances of a ski injury include warming up before attempting any slope. Make sure you take ski lessons so that you’re a knowledgeable skier when you first hit the slopes. You should always use protective, well-fitted equipment and stick to slopes and trails you feel comfortable doing.

Call the Santa Clara or Redwood City, California, office today or book through the online portal if you’re looking to prevent future ski injuries.