Lumbar Facet Injection

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Lumbar Facet Injection

Lumbar Facet Injection services offered in Redwood City and Santa Clara, CA

Lumbar spine facet joints are often sources of pain. By their nature as the moving articulations of the spine, similar to the knuckles on our hands, they are prone to injury and overuse. Not only will these joints create back pain, but they typically refer pain into the buttocks, thighs, and pelvis. A spine facet is a spinal structure connecting the upper and lower parts of the spinal column. SOAR Spine and Orthopedics offers lumbar facet injections to ease pain. With offices in Santa Clara and Redwood City, securing an appointment for chronic pain has never been easier. Call the office today or book an appointment through the online portal.

What is a lumbar facet injection?

If your doctor determines that specific lumbar facet joints are the root cause of your pain, they may recommend a facet joint injection. The installation of cortisone into a facet joint will eliminate the inflammation in the joint and permit you to start or resume your exercise based rehabilitation program. A lumbar facet injection is an anesthetic shot that blocks the pain caused by certain conditions and injuries. This shot targets the lower portion of the back to reduce pain in areas like the lower back, butt, and thighs.

The lumbar, or lower, back sends nerve impulses to many parts of the lower body. Chronic pain reduces one’s quality of life and makes simple tasks like sitting and walking without pain impossible. A lumbar facet injection is specifically designed to ease or eliminate this pain.

Is a lumbar facet injection safe?

Lumbar facet injections are very safe and are similar to other joint injections performed in the shoulder and knee. For safety and accuracy, these injections are performed under sterile conditions and X-ray guidance. Lumbar facet injections are generally considered safe when administered in moderation. They’ll temporarily reduce pain and aid other therapeutic techniques to ease pain permanently.

Is a lumbar facet injection painful?

Local anesthesia applied to the injection site reduces pain and discomfort during your appointment. Some people report a tingling or burning sensation and pressure. However, these sensations are temporary and go away after treatment.

You should inform your provider immediately if you experience severe pain during your injection.

Is a lumbar facet injection the same as an epidural?

No. A facet injection is the precise placement of medication into the specific joints causing your pain, whereas epidural injections are placed into the epidural space. If you think of inflammation like a fire, it is imperative that the fire extinguisher, the facet injection, be used directly on the ‘fire.’ Therefore, it is key that an accurate diagnosis as to where the inflammation resides is necessary.Though similar, the key difference between an epidural and a facet injection is the medication used. Doctors can administer both an epidural and a facet injection to treat and manage chronic pain.

An epidural uses corticosteroids as the primary active ingredient to ease the pain. On the other hand, a facet injection uses an anesthetic to reduce swelling and inflammation, though sometimes it will include a corticosteroid.

A lumbar facet injection with purely anesthetic medication is an excellent alternative for those unable to receive corticosteroid treatments. Moreover, prolonged corticosteroid use can weaken the surrounding bone and muscle tissue.

What can I expect during my lumbar facet injection appointment?

Before your appointment, the SOAR Spine and Orthopedic specialist will review your medical history and answer your questions. They’ll determine your pain level and design a customized treatment to reduce pain best. They might change your medication or dosage before your appointment to avoid complications. 

Before the injection, they’ll apply local anesthesia before the lumbar facet injection. You’ll lie down during the procedure, which should take 15-30 minutes.

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