Second Opinions

The physicians at the Physiatry Medical Group welcome the opportunity to discuss options with patients. If you have been told you need spine surgery and suspect it can be avoided, there is a good chance you are right; most conditions do not require surgery.

Disc herniations of the lumbar region (low back) can be treated without surgery greater than 90% of the time, and herniations in the cervical region (neck) can be treated over 80% of the time non-surgically. In the case of spinal fusion, only 60% of fusion patients obtain even partial pain relief after surgery.

Our goal to is to give every patient a thorough and accurate diagnosis, followed by a realistic and effective treatment plan. Physiatrists are not opposed to surgery, and when surgery is indicated, your physiatrist can determine the type and timing of the surgery required and, make the appropriate referral to the best spinal surgeon to perform the surgery necessary (no more and no less than is required). The physiatrist will then orchestrate the post-operative rehabilitation to get you back on your feet in the shortest period of time possible.